What’s love got to do with it?

13 Feb

My daughter asked me the other morning as I went through the checklist of things needed before walking out the door for school (backpack with lunch, purple folder, pink water bottle, gloves, hat, scarf..), “Mama, do you like making my lunch every day?”

“Darling, you don’t know how much I love it.”
When I pack a lunch at home, when we pack a lunch at Butter Beans, it is full of real food. If it’s chicken, it looks like chicken, not like a breaded rocket. There are different colors and different textures, some things are cooked, some things are raw. Keeping our immune system strong and building strong bodies and minds is a big part of what eating is all about. Enjoying our food though, is the other big part of what eating is about.
There is one magic ingredient that makes all food finish beautifully in the kitchen and taste better at the table..
You guessed it – lots and lots of love. It’s free, it’s reliably effective, you can create it with a smile, and we love to put lots in!
Love helps at every point of the eating experience. If we eat great quality organic food in a stressful or angry mood in a hurry, we are helping our farmers and Earth by paying for standards that are helpful to the Earth, but we are not absorbing all the goodness in the food and we come up short.
In this same way, if we are eating food that is less than our desired local organic fare, but we eat it with love and gratitude, we are able to get all the goodness there is out of it. We at Butter Beans would like everyone to eat local, organic and sustainably farmed food, because we care about the health of our children, and of our planet. But we know that this is not often possible. It is with this understanding that I remind you how amazing the human body is.
We have a top of the line system able to take in the good stuff and get rid of toxins with great efficiency, if given the tools to do so. What are the tools? Clean water, real food and ritual, and love. By real food I mean food that still looks like it did when it came off the farm. It is much easier to appreciate the potatoes on our plate when we know where and how they came about.
Ritual covers many bases. Ritual implies awareness. Having awareness of how real food comes about helps with habits like chewing, talking about food at the table and participating in the making, eating and cleaning up after meals by people of all ages.
Ritual also implies rhythm. The body more than anything, loves rhythm. Our energy and metabolism are fine tuned when we eat and sleep at similar times every day. When we eat and sleep at the same times every day, we find that we are hungry and tired at the same times every day.
Regardless of the food you serve at your table, take the time to enjoy it. All real food is good food. (Things with ingredients you cannot pronounce that come in shiny wrappers, are suspect). It is the life force that adds to yours. It is as sacred as our air.
Welcome to 2010. All of us at Butter Beans wish you and yours the most joy filled of years – Full of real food, nourishing ritual and love.

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