A sustainable food system IS possible in our great city – letter from our NYC borough president

23 Feb

Dear Friend:I am very pleased to present to you a report that I released today entitled, “FoodNYC: A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System,” which will for the first time present a single, comprehensive vision for food policy in this city. The report, a follow up to the NYC Food & Climate Summit held with the non-profit Just Food and New York University in December, outlines an agenda that will create a more sustainable food system by prioritizing products from New York State, increasing access to healthy food in underserved neighborhoods, and expanding the food economy.

During twenty-nine “breakout sessions” at the NYC Food & Climate Summit, experts and practitioners in food, environmental sciences, and nutrition debated and discussed different ideas to improve the city’s food system. They looked at the life cycle of our City’s food supply, from production and distribution to consumption and disposal, with the goal of shaping a policy that integrates energy and climate objectives with social, public health and economic goals. The report details the best and most pragmatic proposals.

While it is often overlooked, improving our food system can lead to enormous advancements in public health, sustainability, and job creation. This report is a blueprint for wholesale change at the city, state and federal levels, to ensure that New York is a leader in sustainable food policy.

Finally, please take a moment to read and sign my office’s NYC Food Pledge, and join thousands of New Yorkers in committing to explore the health, environmental and economic impacts of the food you consume. And if you want to learn more about New York City’s food policies, please watch Marvin Scott’s show Close-up, on Sunday at 6AM on WPIX, where I’ll be discussing this report and other issues.


Scott M. Stringer
Manhattan Borough President

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