Love love love

23 Feb

In keeping with the spirit of red and pink hearts and affection, I brought the question of love to students in a lunchroom the other day. With Flora our super Wellness consultant, we set out to plant the word in the middle of a lunch table, and see what happened.

Do you think love has anything to do with food? we asked.

At a given table of 6 students, 4 would say no. 1 or 2 would either not answer in full contemplation, or say yes. For the puzzled eyes I would ask a different question – does it matter to you if the person that made your food, loves you? Most of the students said no, at least at first. A couple weren’t sure how they felt about it.

Quiet chewing is what followed.

A new question:

What are some chores you have to do at home we asked?

make my bed, bring down the laundry, set the table, clean the bath tub..

Have you ever had to make your bed for example when you were in a grouchy, sad or mad mood? Was the result different?

All around, it was agreed, that when we do things in a bad, sad or grumpy way, things just don’t turn out as well.

We shared with them that at our kitchen at Butter Beans, one of the most important rules in our kitchen, is all about love. If the chef is having a bad mad grumpy day, we help her out so that only goodness goes into our food. Some of you may not know, but we have a new chef at Butter Beans. Her name is Lisa Sicilia and lucky for all of us, she’s brimming with delicious ideas, recipes and lots and lots of love.

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