Apple sauce. Because they love it.

12 Mar

My daughter Nina asked me tonight at dinner, why we haven’t had any applesauce in such a long time?

No reason I answered. We can get some. Do you want to buy some, or make some?

Make some!

She has been admitting to me as of late, that she misses being a family of 3. The 4th member, her 6 month old brother is sweet and beautiful, but also demanding of my time. Understandable, of course. Making apple sauce, was a simple redeeming moment. It takes all of 15 minutes and agreeably, is delicious.

The reward: Mama, this is the best applesauce in the whole world! You should make this at Butter Beans.

So, here is what I did:

I chopped a fuji apple into smallish pieces and put them in a pot with enough water to cover half of the apple pieces over medium heat. I added cinnamon, and then went looking for some cranberries or raisins to add. I spotted gogi berries however and tossed them in instead. (Blueberries or currants would have been nice as well.)

I let the apples cook for 15 minutes, then turned off the heat and transferred the apples to my blender and voila!

Of course, the gogi berries did turn the sauce a tad orange. So I served it with a few gogi berries on top, and sprinkled sesame seeds for contrast. Delicious.

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