Brown bagging it

14 Mar

Butter Beans tiffins

Sitting with a smart group of Mom’s at a workshop dedicated to brown bagging it a week ago, it was decided. What you pack your child’s lunch in does have an impact on how he or she feels about it. For those of us with young ones at home, you know – the ones who don’t yet question the choices you offer with so much love and intention, this might feel foreign. But sure enough, they get big enough and all of a sudden it’s got to feel cool. The most obvious benefit to letting your child pick out his or her lunchbox is that if he/she likes to carry it, he/she will likely open it and look upon the contents with a softer gaze than not.

Here are a few of my favorite. I am partial to the Butter Beans tiffins myself. They are simple to open unlike other tiffins out there that have hard clasps and they come with such a cute insulated bag.  The process of unstacking by the way, is great fun and makes keeping foods separate, easy. Then there is the fully insulated bag (black and white flowers above). I have seen this one in action and I love that a water bottle fits right inside in its own compartment. The thermos (kung fu panda above), is an old standby. It keeps hot things hot, cold things cold. What’s not to love? The last – an insulated version of our old metal clunkers, holds a lot! You need to have containers to put your food in, but you can fit all sorts of sizes and shapes, and that is a plus. has a great array of options, including the popular laptop lunchbox. Even if your child isn’t in a lunchbox rut, consider the change of the seasons, and all the picnic food you will soon want to be packing. Soon it will be time to celebrate spring.

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