4 year olds love carrots and their eyes

17 Mar

I spent some time this morning with a class of four-year olds, and a bunch of carrots. When they saw the carrot tops – the greens, one of them knew right away. Another was sure there was a root attached, others waited expectantly to see.. Carrots are a pretty common vegetable for a child. They pack so easily, they dip so well.

I sliced a round for each student and asked them what it looked like. What does it look like to you? Isn’t it awesome that it looks like your eye – and that it is great for your eyes, for your vision? Full of beta carotene that your body turns into vitamin A, this helps you see well in the dark. That got them excited. They looked into their friends eye’s, just to check that I was being fair.

After looking at pictures of how carrots grow and are harvested, it was time for a sampling.

Baked rounds, sautéed matchsticks, and grated raw. Though they all got rave reviews, the rounds were the favorite of the day. They taste like candy! They taste like blueberries! They taste like ice-cream! I’m gonna tell my Dad! Can we have carrots for lunch?

Not bad for an ordinary carrot..

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