Health and Healing in 2010.. with our feet and our forks

24 Mar

There is a lot of talk about “the health crisis” in this country. There are events, races and walk-a-thons dedicated to raising money for research and to raise awareness about health issues. The top health issues that face our nation and our children are cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, and type 2 diabetes. If you are obese, you are very susceptible to these diseases. These are all preventable diseases. And the prevention starts with, as Dr. David Katz says, our feet, and our forks. We have little control over the genes we inherit and pass on to our children. However, we have a lot of control over the habits that we pass on.

We at Butter Beans care deeply about serving our children delicious healthy food that we can all feel good about. But we know that hands on education is a vital piece needed for learning whether you are talking about math, reading, or eating.  We support parents in their efforts by going into classrooms and letting students explore new foods as scientists – learning about how and where they grow, what it takes to grow, when we harvest, and what they taste like prepared in different ways. We offer hands on after school cooking classes where the fun of cooking and the connection between the food, the land and the effort of growing and cooking are realized and enjoyed. We help schools learn how to compost and offer workshops on topics from cooking, to lunch making, to staying healthy throughout seasonal changes to all things related to food and our health.

If we all do something, great things will happen.

If you are interested in having Butter Beans come to your school or club to present or collaborate on your wellness and greening efforts, give us a call. We are here to serve.

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