Food Sovereignty Is Local Control

6 May

In thinking about sustainability education, our kids and our future, I came across the following. It is from a free curriculum created by and it asks us to consider food sovereignty. What is food sovereignty? Such a simple and profound question. I encourage everyone who eats to read this.

To our health.

Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to define their own food and agriculture; to protect and regulate domestic agricultural production and trade in order to achieve sustainable development objectives; to determine the extent to which they want to be self-reliant; to restrict the dumping of products in their markets; and to provide local fisheries-based communities the priority in managing the use of and the rights to aquatic resources. Food sovereignty does not negate trade, but rather, it promotes the formulation of trade policies and practices that serve the rights of peoples to safe, healthy and ecologically sustainable production.

”Statement on Peoples’ Food Sovereignty” by the Via Campesina, et al., 1996

So what would specific food sovereignty policies for our communities look like?

Supporting local farmers, being responsible for our waste.. these are things we can do individually. But the issues here are much bigger than us as individuals. Let’s think about this together.

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