Pita Pizza Playdate

25 May

What could be better? It takes all of five minutes to prepare, and another 5-10 minutes in your toaster oven. Pictured are two versions – the first with tomato sauce, shredded kale and sausage (all natural sausage made from a happy pig), the other spread with hummus and topped with shredded kale and kalamata olives. My daughter and her playdate were psyched to design their pizzas, and I was psyched to deliver. These were made on Ezekiel brand pita bread. Ezekiel bread is known for being made of sprouted grains instead of flour. This is great for added nutrition and better assimilation. Many people who are sensitive to gluten, find that they do well with sprouted grain bread. That said, these pitas are not sprouted, but the second ingredient is carrots! For those gluten sensitive bellies, at our house, we love Nature’s Hilight Brown Rice Pizza Crust.

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