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Popcorn – fantastic soup topper

4 Jan

Are you wanting to spruce up your winter soups? Being from Ecuador, I grew up with popcorn in my locro (quinoa, potato and cheese soup – yum!), and in ceviche. These days, when my tomato soup, or cauliflower soup needs a boost – popcorn is the answer.

Who can say no to eating popcorn at dinner?

How to make stove top popcorn:

Put a large pot with a tight top on a hot stove. Add oil – enough to cover the bottom and coat the kernels. You want the oil to be super hot before adding the kernels, so start by testing the oil with one. When it starts to sizzle, your oil is ready. Pour in your kernels – (1 cup of dry kernels makes approximately 3 cups of popped corn), and any seasoning you want – salt, or curry, or cayenne, or Braggs, or other). Put on the top and wait. Every few minutes, pick up the pot with oven mitts or towels and shake the pot. By shaking, you are tossing the kernels in the oil and making sure they don’t burn. Once they start to pop, keep shaking. This is a great workout for arms and your core! Serve on top of your favorite soup, and enjoy!