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Ginger and panela – wonderful winter cold remedy

6 Jan

Ginger and honey with a splash of lemon juice and cinnamon. This warming medicinal tonic is amazingly simple and effective for coughs and colds (ginger opens the lungs, lemon helps to break up mucus, honey helps to gather up mucus to exit the body, and cinnamon warms the body up), for nausea and belly aches, and for warming the spirit after time spent outside in the cold. Traditionally I have always thinly sliced my ginger – at least an inch or two of it and put it to boil for 10-20 minutes or so to make a concentrated brew. Today, a Taiwanese doctor shared his secret – wash the ginger well, then pound the ginger with a hammer (people were sleeping -I used a rolling-pin), but leave it whole. Then boil for 20-30 minutes and mix with panela.

I can’t quite tell if it is different (the pounding of the ginger versus the slicing), but I think it is! It is certainly delicious and will be a regular part of breakfast this week. We’re getting more snow in NYC on Friday – get your ginger brew ready!