Healthy Vending

14 Jan

Vending machines in schools is a sore subject for many. While many agree that they prefer students eat more natural, healthy food options for snacks after school – generally, schools depend on the money raised from the profits of selling junk in vending machines for extra-curricular activities like sports programs, and so the vending machines stay put. On December 13th, President Barack Obama signed legislation that requires schools participating in the federal school lunch program, to meet nutritional standards for all snacks and drinks sold in schools. Slowly but surely, vending machine options are being forced to improve. Fresh Healthy Vending, is a young company, whose mission is to serve only healthy vending machine options.  Their success is testament that the  private business sector can be profitable and have common folk’s interests at heart. Learn more about the issues of vending machines in schools in general – here.

This company

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