Snow day bliss

27 Jan

It is delicious really, the quiet that takes over a town when covered in snow. Time slows down, and opens up to a slower start. A bit more lounging in pajamas. A Sunday-esc feast for breakfast. Meal time as a family has become a luxury for many, and usually centers around dinner. How nice it is though, to gather around the breakfast table and savor a slow cooked meal. Vegetable frittata, sausage, whole grain pancakes, oatmeal with flax and nuts and berries, quick scones or rolls, hot tea, coffee… Breakfast definitely sets a tone for the day. Especially for young children – who do not set the tone, but follow the tone we set for them. What bliss, to begin the day sure-footed, calm and connected. Happy snow day!

If you have a breakfast story or tradition that you love, consider sharing it with us for our cookbook!

One Response to “Snow day bliss”

  1. Flora at 4:17 pm #

    The silence is quite magical, especially in our metropolis! You inspired me to make a hearty breakfast that will keep me warm and satisfied on this special day. Thank you!

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