Super bowl snacks

5 Feb

It’s winter cold outside, and your sports fan friends and family are gathering and you are in charge of the snacks?

Here’s a few ideas:

trail mix – your favorite roasted tamari almonds and raisins, is perfect. You can add other goodies too: goji berries, chopped dried apricots, peanuts, walnuts, mulberries.

cheese plate and a mix of olives and crackers– super simple and always welcomed with crackers of fresh bread. Drunken goat, brie, and gouda cheese are delicious crowd pleasers.

hummus – buy it or make your own. Check out our recipe here.

guacamole and chips – roll 2 ripe avocados in your hand before slicing down the center. Remove the pit, and put in a bowl with chopped cilantro (2TB for 2-3 avocados), lemon (1-2TB), salt (1/3 tsp or to taste). Mash with a fork. If you like it spicy, top with a dash of cayenne pepper.

crudités – baby carrots cut into match sticks and celery sliced down the center (for thinner sticks)

popcornhere’s how you make it.

grilled cheese and jelly sandwich squares – this is as easy as it sounds. Spread your favorite bread with a thin layer of jam and sliced cheese. Add a pat of butter to a large hot pan so your sandwiches will brown (olive oil works too), and press your sandwiches with a spatula to flatten. Cut the sandwiches into squares, stack and serve.

fruit with melted dark chocolate – chop up your favorite fruit ready with toothpicks. Melt your chocolate on low heat and when ready, dip the fruit (holding the toothpicks) in the chocolate and put out on a plate. The chocolate will harden as it dries. This will surely go fast!

apple slices drizzled with almond butter or other favorite nut butter

Your favorite brew, sparkling water, apple cider or herbal tea, and you’re ready to watch the game!

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