Truck-Farm on a roll!

25 Feb
Have you heard of King Corn? King Corn is about two best friends -Curt Ellis and Ian Chene, that set out to learn about food and farming in our country by farming conventional corn on one acre of farm land in Iowa. King Corn is the full length feature film that they created to share their story. Today, Curt and Ian have a new project that is taking them across the country. They are building garden beds in the back of pick up trucks. This project Truck Farm is a traveling, tactile, edible farm that teaches kids how fun farming and healthy food can be, engages them in thinking about where food comes from and gets them excited about growing food themselves. Their goal is to get 25 trucks up and running by Earth Day.
They are collaborating with individuals and grassroots organizations all across the country to help make this happen and currently are in need of trucks in various cities of the US. If you have a truck or could refer someone who does, please contact to let them know if you are willing to donate or sell it to us at a lower cost.
To learn more about the project or to see how you could even be involved in some way, please visit

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