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Cell phone danger

1 Mar

There is plenty of talk out there about cell phone danger. A few years ago a friend spent a couple of months working for a popular cell phone company – on the developer end of things. He came out of that experience sharing the advise he was given – not to have the cell phone within an inch of his body – ever. For a few months, all of us around to hear his tale, made extra effort to keep our cell phones in our bags instead of our pockets and to use speaker phone as often as possible. But somehow over time, the cell phone has made its way into pockets, and next to the head more often. New studies are surfacing all the time:

Writing in the February 23 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association, a team of researchers led by Dr. Volkow, found that cell phone radiation significantly affected brain function and metabolism of glucose — the brain’s main fuel — in those parts of the brain that received the most cell phone radiation.

It seems that the brain has an increase in glucose when dealing with infection and inflammation as well, so this finding is somewhat troubling. There are things we can do to limit exposure: Use your speaker phone – keep the radiation away from your brain. Text when you can, instead of speaking. Keep your phone in your bag, not in your pocket. At night, charge your phone in the living room – or anywhere else besides your night table which would again, be close to your receptive brain. Never give your children your phone to play with. Their brains are developing, their skulls are thinner and they are more susceptible to damage. Most studies of this kind, that relate to cancers and long-term damage, require 10-30 years of observance, so we won’t have conclusive results for a while. Until then, better not to take the chance.