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Food & Garden VISION

19 Mar

We at Butter Beans believe that we are at a critical juncture in the world of food. There is inspiring progress with urban gardens, farms, CSA’s, and a major expansion of farmers markets across urban areas and agricultural regions. That being said, we are still far from a sustainable, local food network. We have great need for young farmers; the average age is 57 and rising. This generation of kids, we believe, can play an essential role in reconnecting our country with its food and the culture behind it. Kids are our future farmers, future food policy makers, future chefs, community leaders, and home dinner makers. We know that food and farming can be incredibly fun and exciting for kids, and can help them make better, more informed and more adventurous food choices going forward into adulthood. Seeing firsthand the work that goes into growing the carrot they eat, or how much effort goes into simply composting and making the soil rich to grow the apples or pears that they love will, we believe, help them better connect with the food on their plates.

Next week we launch our Garden & Food Program, where students will learn through experience, and have fun meeting farmers, buying local food, making their own ice cream, pickles, jam and jelly, and more.

Kids see and appreciate how much better things taste when you make them yourself and know exactly what you put into them. We can help change the future of food in America with our kids, and have a great time doing so. Contact if you are interested in more info.

We’ll be blogging about our city food adventures, and sharing our recipes here next week.