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Learning to Compost!

23 Mar

Our 3-day Food & Garden Experience started as you might expect – in a compost bin. Emily Dinan, Project Coordinator for the NYC Compost Project in Brooklyn was our trusted guide. (Thank you Emily!) She provided us with dirt to explore and bins to dig through full of red wiggler worms. Did you know that red wiggler worms have 5 hearts? Did you know that they eat more than half their body weight in food every single day? They don’t have teeth, so no need to be alarmed. They are just squishy squirmy little ones that make beautiful compost out of our scraps. The NYC Compost Project wants to inspire all of us to compost, so addressing the smelly reputation of compost bins was a part of the lesson. Honestly, this bin didn’t smell at all! The trick is getting an equal balance of carbon (from leaves, hay, newspaper, cardboard, etc. ) and nitrogen (from banana peels, decaying lettuce and other vegetable scraps), and cutting your compost scraps into the smallest pieces possible so that they decompose faster, keeping the air in your home clear. These red wiggler compost bins come with a list of things to avoid – meat, dairy, oil, anything with ink (chemicals) or paper with plstic coating (cereal boxes). For those of you in NYC wanting to compost but wary of starting your own bin just yet, there are programs happening now and looking for support – namely, your compostable scraps at a park near you. Check them out!

The Food & Garden Experience continues. We’ve been shopping at Greene Markets, learning to pickle and sprout. More to come..