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K is for Kale

31 Mar

There is no getting around it -green leafy vegetables are amazing. They support our liver and gallbladder that work tirelessly to rid our body of toxins, they are good blood builders and are excellent for making strong bones and lungs. Green leaves are made green by the magic that is photosynthesis. Chlorophyll – that which makes plants green, absorbs sunlight and transforms carbon dioxide and water into energy – carbohydrates – that nourish our bodies.

Kale is full of vitamin K that is important for strong bones, vitamin A needed for strong tissues and eyesight, vitamin C, important for all cell activity, and a plethora of other important vitamins and minerals. Kale is the quite simply one of the most nutrient dense foods around, and worth finding ways to love.

During World War II in the UK, the government encouraged people to grow their own food through the Dig for Victory campaign. Kale was a favorite because it is so easy to grow and so nutritious. It’s spring! What will you grow?

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