the cost of a home cooked meal

26 Apr

There was an article in the NY Times this week, about the rising cost of food. Climate change (drought, flooding, and unexpected weather), the rising cost of fuel (to get our food from where it grows, to our homes), and a growing demand for food around the globe, are all factors. This morning on public radio, it was announced that gas prices are up to a record high across the country. It’s hard not to feel the difference on food shopping day. Some people’s grandmother’s used to save tinfoil (rather than throw it away), and used old bread for bread pudding, or canned their backyard garden harvest to last them through the cold winter.  We can learn a thing or two from those days!  Since fuel costs are so high, now is a great opportunity to turn to whole foods, along with food that is grown nearby, or in your backyard or windowsill.  Spring has officially arrived, which means that you have a larger variety of fruits and vegetables at your fingertips, making it the perfect time to get into the habit of eating less processed foods.  Growing your own spring garden will help your budget, along with your body and it’s not too late, you still have time!

2 Responses to “the cost of a home cooked meal”

  1. internationalroutier at 12:33 pm #

    Another thing I have become conscious of is using my oven more efficiently. Once I have it on I scrounge around the fridge for what else I can put in. While our dinner cooked a couple of nights ago I chopped pumpkin, carrot, garlic and onion and roasted them for a great soup the next day.
    I often keep small baggies of cookie dough in the freezer too and cook a small batch when it’s already on for something else.

    • What a great way to make sure those root veggies at the bottom of the refrigerator don’t go to waste. I know I often use my toaster oven instead of the big oven to save energy (and time). I love that you freeze batches of dough – you could do this with any kind of dough in your freezer! Great ideas, thank you for sharing.

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