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May – picnics, flowers and asparagus

4 May

Asparagus is amazing. It grows right out of the ground, looking just like it does in the market bound and ready to take home to cook. Did you know it takes three full seasons to have a solid asparagus garden? When you have started from seed, the first time the shoots come up, you have to leave them be – because their roots aren’t strong enough yet and if you harvest them, you risk not having any next year (asparagus is a perennial, and grows back every spring). The second year, you can taste a few of the sprouts, and then at long last the third season, you can eat your asparagus to your heart’s delight. What great effort! This picture was taken at a picnic last weekend – where all of the roasted asparagus spears were gobbled up by the children – ahead of the decadent cookies also on display. Drizzled with olive oil, topped with salt and baked at 400 for 10 minutes and voila. If you don’t get thin tender shoots, you can peel the base of the asparagus, to expose the tender shoots within. Asparagus has tons of vitamin K, folate and B vitamins and vitamin C. It has plenty of fiber to help clear the colon and cleans the blood. What a delightful spring tonic.