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Great article about the need to improve nutrition in our schools

12 May

Great article about the need to improve nutrition in our schools

lunch – daily anticipation

12 May

I love to get in line behind students at lunch time. I love watching and hearing their anticipation. Hearing kids excited about spring pea soup and roasted carrots and home-made hearty sauce and pasta cooked with love and their best interest in mind – is exciting! I met a parent last week who asked me if I personally, actually get my kids to eat vegetables. My success at home, is the same success that we experience at Butter Beans everyday. Getting kids involved in the process of food, makes it meaningful and important to them. Shopping, cooking and sharing meals together with no pressure and lots of joy – goes a long way. Sometimes it takes a while for some children, all of us develop our palates at different rates. Surrounding our children with positive influences and great role models and then having the patience that showing up at meal time everyday requires, pays off. A hearty appetite for real, delicious whole foods, makes for a hearty appetite for real, delicious life experience.

What’s for lunch today? Tortellini with peas and ham, steamed broccoli, baked carrots and all the fresh goodness of the season on our salad bar. Cheers to a great lunch today!