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Family dinner conversation

15 May

Every Friday, the Huffington Post editors highlight a topic in the news that is sure to make for great dialogue at the dinner table for the whole family. We love this idea! Dinner is, or at least can be, so much more than just about eating your peas and carrots. And in fact, when sitting around the table becomes an inspiring and connecting moment for a family, the peas and carrots – they are a much easier sell. This week’s topic follows the story of Loorz – who founded Kids vs Global Warming when he was just 12-years-old. He has organized the iMatter March, a series of marches around the world from May 7-May 14 that draw attention to climate change. From Albuquerque to Athens, Loorz has certainly proved that climate change is a global issue (see here for just how serious the effects have gotten). Now, imagine what he’ll accomplish once he becomes a legal adult. The questions for the table:

Do you think the youth of America can influence public policy? Are marches a successful means of political activism? If you were Alec Loorz, how would you draw attention to the problem of climate change? What other political issues should young adults focus on? What issue would you devote time to fixing? Should the youth have more say in government policy? Do you believe that the atmosphere is a public trust, like rivers and coastlines? What else should be a public trust? What are some practical solutions to solving climate change? What advice would you give Alec?

If your table is surrounded by small children that are not yet ready to discuss public policy, you can adapt the conversation to your window box or community garden plot. Is it important for kids to know how to grow food? Why is growing food important? What kind of challenges do food growers face?

Family dinners (and/or breakfasts and lunch) are grounding, connecting moments for love within a family. Make dinner luxurious, and if you have an inspiring conversation or new idea that comes of it – share it!