Getting fit – five minutes at a time!

16 May

Dr. David Katz – a man we appreciate for his dedication to public health, has just launched a support system to make exercising in the midst of our busy lives, easier. Activity Bursts Everywhere (ABE for fitness) are available online and show fitness experts giving you a 4-8 minute burst of exercise that can be done whether you are at home, in your office, in a waiting room, at the park – just about anywhere you might find yourself with a few minutes to spare. Co-workers routinely go out for cigarette breaks, or go down the hall for a coffee break – what if you and the folks you spend your days with took quick activity breaks instead? You would probably get a few more laughs in your day along with some muscle tone. Activity breaks work wonders for kids when there is a concentration overload, adults are no less susceptible. Check out this site and try one out. I just spent 4 minutes on my core and feel great!

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