Congratulations graduates + the joy of daily rituals and edible gardens

12 Jun

We wake and stretch our arms towards the sky, drink water and eat breakfast. We pack backpacks, sign permission slips, confirm playdates and check to see if the rain coats are needed before heading to school. One of the gifts that children bring into our lives – is structure. There is an order to the morning, that ensures we all make it out on time. There are rituals that we create consciously, and habits we maintain unconsciously. Children generally make it easier for us to make more of the conscious kind, and to improve the quality of the unconscious kind. A friend came over this weekend, and admired our small edible garden and asked if I remembered to water it enough. I took pause and realized that I don’t. But my almost two-year old – he remembers and asks about the plants every single morning. He reminds me. Families and communities – however broadly we define them – allow us to raise the bar on our efforts without the burden we would feel on our own. Congratulations to all the graduates this month. Thank you for your vision and your courage to do your best and be your best selves. Your full existence creates a brighter future. May all of us that pertain to your families and communities, support you with positive practices, habits and structures that will lighten the load on your efforts for the benefit of all.


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