underground cheese

17 Jun

Most of us, when we think about where cheese comes from, immediately think of cows, not caves. It all starts with cows of course, and goats – and we praise them with thanks for their generosity.  But then quite often, there are caves involved.

Conde Nast Traveler named Murray’s Cheese Caves one of the 50 Coolest Places to see in the world, and our Food & Garden campers this summer will get to check them out!  We will learn about basic affinage practices and the elementary science behind what happens to cheeses as they age from the master cheese makers, and get to taste different cave-aged gems so we can appreciate the benefits of the aging process. YUM!

It’s great, when eating, to consider all that went into our food. It slows down the eating process, it enhances the pleasure and sets a tone for conversation. Appreciating food, while eating. It’s right up there with not talking with your mouth full and using a napkin at the table. Not manners for the sake of manners, but for the sake of enjoyment and health.


One Response to “underground cheese”

  1. Martha Desrosiers June 17, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    Butter Beans has changed the way I look at food – THANK YOU!!!!

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