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a mobile greenhouse – brilliant

5 Jul

I happened upon the Compass Green – quite by accident. Britten and I were both waiting for a yoga class to start, that never happened. It was a fortuitous encounter – the sustainably functioning greenhouse on wheels, was parked just a few blocks away. I am familiar with the pick up truck moving farms, and when she told me she had a garden in a truck, that’s what immediately came to mind, and I was excited to know we had one so close. The Compass Green however, takes the moving garden to a new level. It is a covered truck, with windows. It collects rainwater to be used for watering the plants. The truck, runs completely on vegetable oil. The Compass Green team will come teach your community of any and all ages about growing food and their sustainably moving greenhouse –  anywhere across the country. They went to the Eagle Street rooftop farm recently to get some new plants, and will be visiting our Butter Beans Food & Garden campers this month as well!

Learn more about them here. We’ll be sure to share our experience with them with pictures when they come.