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the buzz of the bees

11 Jul

There was a bit of apprehension leading up to our encounter with the beekeepers, and their bees. The campers all put on bee suits and tucked their pants into their socks to feel ultra safe, only to find that the beekeeper checking out the hive had no suit at all! I for one was pleased we were all covered, yet appreciated the contrast. We began by checking out a hive behind glass:

then we put on our bee suits,

and watched as the beekeeper checked out the hive. These bees know their keeper, who talked to them in the sweetest of ways while we all looked on with wide eyes:

check out these busy bees!

If you are interested in learning more about beekeeping, this organization leads great workshops and classes that include delicious samplings of the different seasons of honey. Spring honey tastes  a lot different than Fall honey – it’s all about the flowers the bees have access to!