do you prefer fresh cheese, smooth cheese or stinky blue cheese best?

14 Jul

We knew our visit to Murray’s cheese would be fun.. but we could not have guessed how much. Check out this beautiful tasting plate all the campers were served with a wine glass of water, and a basket of freshly cut french baguette nearby – to clear our palates. Our guide Beth told us all the difference between eating, and tasting. All of us sat with perfect posture, wide-eyed and eager with expectation. The tasting happened after the cave tours though.

Check out our cave wear! Hair nets, lab coats, paper blue slippers for our feet and a good hand washing first to make sure we were clean to get close to the cheese in the caves:

We felt like real food scientists.

After seeing the difference between young cheese and mature cheese, checking out 40 pound wheels of cheddar and seeing the holes that are poked into the wheels of blue cheese (the holes let oxygen in, making the revered blue streaks of blue possible), we took off our cave gear and sat down again in front of our tasting plates.

Beth assured us it was fine to use any words that came to mind when tasting, even if what came to mind was stinky feet! She also assured us that even if a cheese smells funky, it might not taste so.  She also preferred to eat the cheese with her fingers rather than use a fork. She put us all at ease. Beth and Jordan, our trusty cheese guides and all at Murray’s, were excellent hosts. I highly recommend checking out their classes if you are interested in learning more about the magic that happens underground. We look forward to coming back with our campers in August!

For those of you still trying to sort out your August plans for your 7-12 year olds, we have a few spots available from August 1-15th, and are offering a 25% discount  to fill them up. Email me at for details.

3 Responses to “do you prefer fresh cheese, smooth cheese or stinky blue cheese best?”

  1. Belinda July 14, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

    This is amazing! Love it!

  2. buelita July 15, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    Phenomenal experience!!!! WOW!! What you are doing for htese children will influence them for the rest of their lives! That is quite an impact! Thank you!


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