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the compass green rolls north

26 Jul

As much-anticipated, the Compass Green visited our camp in July. We invited  Nick, Andrew and Britten to join us for lunch before we got a tour of their mobile greenhouse. The campers were excited to show off their skills “you’re gonna LOVE our food!” exclaimed Jack. And it really was a feast. Homemade chips and salsa, rainbow salad with a delicious vinaigrette, brown rice, golden eyed beans, paneer cheese and sautéed greens. It was especially nice to sit around a big table, sharing stories about our food and all that went into making it. 

We were one of the last stops for the Compass Green in Brooklyn before they headed north. They are growing corn, chard, kale, herbs, carrots, beans… They have deep soil beds to accommodate the roots of the plants, taking into account the bumps that they will inevitably encounter on their travels. One camper asked – can corn really grow in here? The idea is that the corn stalks will grow until they hit the ceiling, and then produce. No one else that they know of is growing corn in a truck, so we’ll get to learn from them. They will be in the northeast for a while, and then heading west – inspiring schools and camps and communities across the country. If you want to follow their travels, and see how their corn stalks fare, visit their website and sign up for their newsletter. There is a picture of our campers in this month’s post. They are going to be featured in a documentary that is in the works called Growing Cities. Thank you Nick and Andrew and Britten for being inspiring examples of creative, passionate and committed citizens!

pickle pride

26 Jul

Check out these pickle makers! Tomorrow, we make cheese…