Is Chocolate Milk Good For You?

14 Dec
Well, it sort of is. But on the whole it is really not good for you at all. Let’s take a step back.
Chocolate milk is a delicious treat, as most anyone can attest. And it comes with all the vitamins and minerals that make milk a worthwhile addition to your diet. But it is loaded with sugar too, sort of like ice cream.
So is it something our kids should be consuming every day at school? We say no.
At Butter Beans, we provide delicious, all-natural meals, free of ingredients you can’t pronounce and can’t trace. (Check out Nesquick’s chocolate milk, and their 100 calorie chocolate milk, and an ingredient list for Hershey’s strawberry milk). We see chocolate milk as a dessert, and we treat dessert as a special, weekly event in our schools. Sadly, this is not the case across much of the country, where 70% of schools serve flavored milk daily.
Our milk comes from Hudson Valley Fresh. It’s completely organic and really, really good. And from time to time, when you do decide to treat yourself and your kids with a chocolate milk dessert, theirs would be a good option. It’s sweet, but it doesn’t have artificial ingredients or the extra unpronounceables you don’t need or want.
For more information about flavored milk in our schools, here’s a great fact sheet:
Check out this story, broadcasted on many public radio stations across the country:

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