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Happy New Year!

6 Jan

imagineWhat we most love about the start of a New Year, is that so many people all over the world, are engaged in reflection, intention, and new action. For some, it is a time of deep evaluation, schedule making, winter cleansing, reconnecting and envisioning. Even if we don’t celebrate, we can harness some of this creative energy around us.

At Butter Beans, the New Year brings more students to our lunch lines, more eager chefs to our cooking classes and fantastic plans for our second annual Food & Garden summer camp. We are fortunate to celebrate additions to our team that contribute to our mission of changing the way school lunch happens and to bringing children of all ages into the fold of our food supply and practices. Thank you for your ongoing support of our mission, and for helping us continually grow and evolve to serve you better.

All change begins with a thought, of what we imagine possible. May this be a year of great positive change for the health and happiness of our children and communities.

Happy 2012 from all of us at Butter Beans!

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