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Butter Beans + bio-compostable disposables

17 Feb
While many of our schools have the set up to offer lunch on real plates with proper silverware, some of our schools that are limited by logistics and/or space to offer a hot lunch program, must rely on paper products.
As it happens with you, every time you shop for your household, at Butter Beans we constantly weigh the pros and cons of our decisions to ensure that what we offer our clients is as much in line with our ethos of being a sustainable and responsible company as possible.
It is with this in mind that we are proud to share that we are using only bio-compostable disposable items from World Centric for the schools that need them.
Recycled paper, biodegradable plastics and plant fibers! Biodegradable plastics are derived from corn, potato and tapioca starch among others, that are completely non hazardous or toxic during their production, and that break back down to carbon dioxide, water and biomass when composted. It is even possible (and research is constantly evolving with this) to make biodegradable products from petroleum – which is initially counter-intuitive, but speaks volumes about the potential for rebalance and healing that we are just starting to tap into as a people. Plant fibers made from the residue of sugar cane production (that otherwise gets burned and creates toxic gases), and wheat stalks (what is left after wheat has been harvested) make wonderful bowls and tableware. When it comes to paper products, recycled paper makes a huge difference. Did you know that producing recycled paper causes 74 percent less air pollution, 35 percent less water pollution, and creates 5 times the number of jobs than producing paper from trees? It saves old-growth trees, forest eco-systems, native habitat and biodiversity.
World Centric’s mission:
It is a real pleasure to support companies that are doing what they can to make a positive difference, so that we can better support and nourish you and your family to do what you do best.
Photo courtesy of worldcentric