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Ways to stay hydrated throughout the day

26 Mar

3221986177_8e8f395a06Many of us are so busy that we often forget to drink water throughout the day. Water provides our bodies with countless health properties.

It helps rid our bodies of waste, cleans our blood, aids us in digestion, helps strengthen our immune system, regulates our internal temperature, and provides us with sustained energy. It is easy to forget that we lose water from our bodies through simple and frequent activities like breathing, sweating, digesting and sleeping.

In order for us to replenish the water that was lost in our daily activities, it’s vital to drink plenty of it. Another way for our bodies to absorb water is from eating refreshing fresh fruits, veggies, grains and legumes, so keep them on hand for alternative water intake opportunities.

Here are some tips to refresh and replenish our bodies with water:

  • fill a re-usable water bottle and bring it with you in your daily travels, whenever you have down time take a few sips
  • wake up to a fresh glass of water, it will help awaken your body and inspire your day
  • keep a glass next to you at your desk, and if your water source is far away, fill up a pitcher and place it next to you as a constant and friendly reminder
  • pack fresh fruit + veggies to snack on
  • remind your family, friends and coworkers to drink water, and in turn it will remind you to do the same
  • create a post-it-note that says “drink water” and place on your desk as a constant reminder

Happy hydration to all!

Photo courtesy of cipher