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our Earth Day celebration

24 Apr

This past weekend we celebrated Earth Day at the Hilltop Hanover Farm with the Speyer Legacy School and Health Barn USA. We were invited to teach a class on the difference in taste, texture and nutritional values of processed and unprocessed foods, and we had a lot of fun!

We brought in a sample of jarred tomato salsa, and packaged fruit cups, and took a good look at their ingredients. Then we brought in fresh ingredients to make homemade salsa and fresh fruit salad from scratch. We reviewed the nutritional properties of the fresh veggies and fruits we were using, and identified what parts of our bodies they benefit. Our class culminated in a taste test of the two different salsa’s and two different fruit salads. It turned out that half of the children liked the jarred salsa better then the fresh, and we talked about why that might be (because of the added sugar), and all of the children preferred the fresh fruit salad over the packaged one. Since we made such a big batch of both dishes we were able to serve it at the potluck picnic, and the children (and adults) completely devoured it!

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