Healthy Tummy Initiative – Dr. Laurie Brodsky

11 Jul

Our summer campers are in for a treat! Dr. Laurie Brodsky, will be coming to our camp for a guest lesson on Friday, as part of her Don’t Spill the Beans: Healthy Tummy Initiative in New York City. The mission of her initiative is to spread the message of Health & Wellness throughout the school community to address the growing concern about childhood diabetes and obesity. Her healthy tummy wellness curriculum promotes healthy eating, savvy snacking and balanced nutrition through targeted education and lesson plans for students, families and teachers across the country to ensure that children grow up with a preventative mind-state when it comes to their future and well-being. Dr. Brodsky also offers hands-on pediatric support to families and children with ADHD/ADD, autism and diabesity, along with a plethora of all-natural means to help keep your child healthy and happy both at school and in the home. Check out her blog here and here.

We couldn’t be more excited for her lesson on cooked vs. raw food, and the change in nutrient availability in foods when cooked in different ways. We will also learn about the browning effect on foods, how to cook veggies in the most nutrient conscious way, and best methods to cook many other common foods so that our bodies can absorb the most important vitamins and minerals needed for proper growth and development.

4 Responses to “Healthy Tummy Initiative – Dr. Laurie Brodsky”

  1. laurie brodsky July 14, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    It was so sweet that the kids were memorized when learning about the foods today. So nice that we got to taste and cook with some of the farmer’s market-fresh ingredients that we discussed in our lesson — so many smiles and happy tummies! Thanks to the tremendous teachers and staff who helped make this event possible… See you soon!

  2. Yakultgirl April 12, 2013 at 7:50 am #

    I find this article very interesting thanks for this informative information, I’ d would like to add to drink Yakult milk, for healthy tummy.

    Keep on writing!


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