NYC’s Green Cart Initative

20 Aug

pr036-08As the movement towards a healthier food system has become an increasingly popular topic in our society, the movement towards pragmatic solutions to address food access issues has grown as well. With public discourse surrounding the state of our health, awareness has grown. Opportunities have presented themselves, and solutions have been brought forth.

One solution that is working in NYC is the Green Cart Initiative: bringing fresh fruits and vegetables into neighborhoods without much access to such produce.

Thanks to the Illumination Fund, the NYC Green Cart Initiative has created more than 900 new jobs, offering micro financing opportunities and providing neighborhoods with better access to fruits, vegetables and healthier food choices.

The fund has just published a fantastic and inspiring cookbook, called the NYC Green Cart Fresh Food Pack, a collection of 20 recipes in both Spanish and English, featuring food items available at the green carts and authored by chefs, healthcare professionals and green cart customers and vendors themselves! Check it out here.

We look forward to featuring other practical solutions to addressing the state of our health in our blog, and in the meantime, check out the documentary “Apple Pushers” which provides a face to the Green Cart Initiative.

Feel free to share other stories that help solve local food issues in your communities.

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