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mung bean sprouts

1 May

photo-28Look at those tails!

These are homemade sprouts. It’s true, you can make them at home and forego all of those supermarket options.

Sprouts are pretty spectacular.

Not only do they add crunch to salads, trail mixes or noodle dishes, but they also provide us with a complete protein, and make it much easier for our bodies to digest, and absorb their various nutrients.

Mung beans are a great choice for sprouting since they are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, B1, B2 B3 and K, helping to strengthen our immune system, vision, bone development all while protecting our cells from free radicals that we are exposed to daily.

Sprouting is a prefect activity to do with your kids. They will love watching their tails grow, and will be much more inclined to munch on them.

It’s easier than you think, here’s how:

1. Take a ball jar and some cheese cloth (or get a screen for your jar – here’s how to make your own).

2. Add a handful or two of mung beans (or lentils – good beginner legumes) to your  jar.

3. Pour in enough water to cover the beans.

4. Cover with cheese cloth or your screen then screw on the top.

5. Let your jar sit for the day/night on your counter, somewhere dark.

6. The next day, pour the water out through the cheese cloth/screen, add fresh water in – this rinses the beans. Remove the water one more time.

7. Let the freshly rinsed beans sit on your counter in the dark for another day. You will begin to see tails emerge at this point.

8. The next day, rinse again. Once their tails are showing, they should now be ready to eat.

For a more detailed look on how to make sprouts, check out this great link.

Happy sprouting to all!