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Flora’s childhood gooseberry memories

12 Jul

704162819_f554e1cc72Stopping by the farm stand, I noticed light blue cardboard containers holding round berries with pronounced veins.

“Are those gooseberries?!?” I exclaimed, in shock and awe.

“Yup! First of the season,” said the farmer.

I continued to explain to my farmer friend how I hadn’t seen gooseberries since I was a child spending time with my mother in the countryside of Italy, her native soil.

At our house we had a massive gooseberry bush that grew these little tart treats, that were incredibly addicting (think sweet and sour deliciousness).

We never planted the bush, it had always just been there.

On hot summer afternoons, I would visit my gooseberry buddies and eat them off the vine. An explosion of sweet tartness would ensue, as I quickly kept picking more to keep up that flavor momentum!

After a while, I started to learn which ones were perfect to eat that day, or which ones needed more time to achieve their peak flavor.

Back at the farm stand 20 years later, the farmer invited me to try one.

I deliberately picked the best looking one, and with child-like abandon took a bite.

I closed my eyes, and remembered the sensations of those hot summer afternoons spent together with my mom in the countryside of Italy.

Photo courtesy of foxypar4