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summer camp fun – week 3!

26 Jul

It’s hard to believe another week has come and gone so fast!

IMG_2300Our second session is already half way over, and our campers have had a great week exploring local parks and gardens, learning about chocolate making, and as always flexing their culinary muscles.

On Monday, we welcomed fifteen new campers to the Butter Beans crew. After a brief orientation at camp HQ, our group headed to Feedback Farms to learn about urban farming. They were very excited about seeing bees and honey, as well as composting, planting, weeding, and other farm activities all on a city block.

1002484_552037461521860_1179957759_nTuesday we explored food from around the world, with a focus on Thailand. After a delicious tropical fruit salad snack and seed planting, the campers worked together to create a Vegetable Pad Thai lunch. Everyone agreed it was exceptionally delicious.

On Wednesday, our campers had the chance to get familiar with their sweet tooth. We made fresh mango ice cream before heading to the park in the morning. It was nice to have some free time to enjoy the significantly less hot sunshine. After a picnic lunch, our campers traveled to Fine & Raw Chocolate where they learned about the art of chocolate making. They were amazed at how different the chocolate tasted than a classic Hershey’s bar, and everyone went home with a small bar of their choice [Vanilla seemed to be the camp favorite].

On Thursday we got our hands dirty with a day full of compost fun. We started the morning with our camp version of ‘Bugs in Dirt’ pudding; a healthier twist on a classic kids snack. We followed up our snack with a fun art project, experimenting with the different textures and shapes that stamps created from food can make. For lunch, our campers made Green Rice Bowls with Sesame Sweet Potatoes, and it was wonderful to see them eating such a satisfying veggie-filled meal!

76364_553079324751007_96972723_nWe finished off the week with another Friday edition of Top Chef – Summer Rolls. It was fun to see how colorful the rolls turned out through the clear rice paper, and we even experimented with a sweet version of this traditionally savory dish. Our friends at Brooklyn Strength stopped by for another great yoga class, the perfect way to end a busy week!

Today marks the halfway point of the summer, and it’s incredible how time flies!

Over the last three weeks, I have watched over forty campers experience and learn about food in a whole new way. It’s powerful to hear the campers talk about something new they learned or tasted every day. It’s a wonderful journey to be a part of, and I am anxious to see what the next half of the summer will bring!