tips for picky eaters part 1

11 Oct

FN_Picky-Eaters-Promo-Video_s4x3_al (1)Great news for parents who have picky eaters!

Melissa d’Arabian from the Food Network has put together the “Picky Eaters Project” filled with fun videos and tips that might be helpful for you.

Don’t have time to watch the videos? Don’t worry!

We will be featuring a few blog posts filled with Melissa’s best tips.

Here is our quick summary for this week:

  • Setting the stage for victory:
  1. Try to get your family to agree to try new and different foods.
  2. Organize your  pantry so that easy to reach foods are healthy choices.
  3. Measure your success by creating a binder that lists all of the foods your children eat, adding to the list as you go.
  • Redesign dinner time:
  1. Build a constructive routine and create a positive environment. Strive to sit down at the table for meals, and create a clear start and stop for dinner.
  2. Get your hands on a dinner bell that your kids can ring when dinner is ready.
  3. Set the dinner table earlier in the day to ensure that dinner starts on time.
  4. Make dinner fun: share stories, and enjoy yourselves together.
  5. Create a “daily victory file” in your binder, writing down two things that went well, and one opportunity for improvement.
  • Expanding palates:
  1. Encourage your children to take food risks by making slight variations on foods they already love, for example: if your kids love a particular brand of chicken nuggets, try serving a different brand. Or if they like blueberry muffins, try serving them cranberry muffins. If they like chocolate ice cream, serve them marble swirl ice cream instead.
  2. Reward them for having an adventurous palate with foods you know they are going to like.
  3. Encourage them to have an opinion on the food by making taste test books, where they can write down their review of the food, on a scale from 1-10 and leave a comment.
  4. Set the precedent that everyone in the family eats the same meal. It might help if you make one of your kids favorite meals like quesadillas, but cut them up into little pieces, and serve it as a side dish rather than a main, and make something that everyone will enjoy (more grown up food) for the main.

More to come, so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “tips for picky eaters part 1”

  1. Alicia at 1:42 pm #

    Love her and love these ideas! They are great tips even if your eaters aren’t picky! 🙂 I look forward to future posts!

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