Our pastry chef

30 Oct

2012-10-22 09.21.12We sat down with our Pastry Chef, Allison Chung who bakes our delicious Friday desserts every week, along with other goodies like our delectable muffins and pizza dough, that we serve to our students.

Here is our short, but *sweet* interview with Allison, we hope you enjoy!

BB: What inspired you to become a pastry chef?

Allison: “I knew I wanted to be a baker ever since I was little, when I set my sights on an easy bake oven.  Then seeing all of these pastry chefs create such delectable and aesthetically pleasing works of art reaffirmed my decision to pursue a career in pastry.”

BB: Where did you learn how to bake?

Allison: “I learned to bake professionally at the French Culinary Institute.  From there I launched my career at Kyotofu where I learned a lot about gluten-free products.”

BB: How did you learn to bake for such large volumes?

Allison: “I started off as a pastry cook at the restaurant and moved onto becoming the sous chef for the large production of pastries for Whole Foods. Baking large amounts of muffins, brownies, cookies, and desserts at Kyotofu has also prepared me for baking the large volume at Butter Beans.”

BB: Why do you like working for Butter Beans?

Allison: “Working at Butter Beans has been a great experience.  Everyone has one goal in mind, and that is to create healthy and tasty meals for growing children.”

BB: What do you think about us serving dessert to the students once per week, and serving them fruit for dessert for the rest of the week? 

Allison: “I think its great to eat healthy and have fruit four days a week and be given a special treat on Friday.  It gives the children something to look forward to.”

BB: What makes our desserts stand out?

Allison: “All of the ingredients I use are natural, and do not contain any preservatives.”

BB: What motivates you to do your best everyday?

Allison: “Not everybody gets to go to work and create products that people get to enjoy, and that is what motivates me.”

Thanks Allison for creating homemade, delicious desserts for our students!

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