Recipe Library

agave cake

allergy “safe” chocolate cupcakes

apple-chai tea ice pops

asparagus soup

asparagus with poached eggs and parmesan cheese

baked sweet potato with maple oat crumble

butter beans soup with empire apple sauce

butter beans’ bruschetta

butter beans’ famous granola

butter beans’ famous tomato soup

butternut bean soup

carrot top pesto

chickpea salad with lemon, parmesan & herbs

cilantro, beet & carrot salad

cinnamon sweet potato fries

cinnamon-vanilla rice pudding

comforting lentils with shaved parmigiano reggiano

cold brew coffee

cold sesame noodles with vegetables

corn silk tea

creamy piquillo pepper and chicken soup

dairy & nut-free pesto

ecuadorian llapingacho

fall vegetable frittata

french tuna sandwich

fresh rice paper spring rolls

fresh tomato sauce

ginger tea

grass-fed beef bolognese

grilled corn salad

herbed roasted potatoes

homemade sunflower butter

italian potato salad

jambalaya & quick biscuits

lentil & kale stew

orecchiette with radishes and greens

pasta with salsa verde, cabbage & green beans

pasta with sugar snap peas & fresh pesto

pita pizza

potato latkes

quick summer ice cream

quinoa vegetable salad

raw broccoli salad

roasted autumnal veggies

roasted cauliflower with preserved lemon & tahini

roasted vegetable puree

roasted winter squash with mint

sauteed squash with herbs

seasonal squash soup

sesame kale salad

simple summer fruit salad

strawberry salsa

summer corn soup

summer plum jam

summer smoothie pops

three bean salad

tomato sauce with butter beans

vegan zucchini bread

vegetable dumplings

watermelon agua fresca

watermelon gazpacho

zesty bean burgers

2 Responses to “Recipe Library”

  1. Erika November 28, 2012 at 2:14 am #

    I made your creamy piquillo pepper soup for dinner tonight & it was so good! And couldn’t be an easier or quicker weeknight meal! I had shredded chicken in the freezer I pulled out & used frozen precooked brown rice from Trader Joes so the soup came together in about 15 minutes. I had been wanting to make this soup but unable to find that type of pepper. When I finally did I was so excited to be able to make it! But I won’t let that hold me back next time as I think it would be just as good with your basic jarred red bell peppers. I love the name of this soup tho & think that was one of the reasons I wanted to make it 🙂 I added the hot sauce too & loved the kick it gave to it. Thanks for sharing the recipe Flora!

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