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what to do with corn silk?

6 Jul

6025710719_f0fda76bc0Corn is coming into abundance at this very moment, and it’s delicious as ever! After shucking the corn, have you ever wondered what to do with those silks? Our campers asked the very same question.

Corn silks have been known in Chinese Medicine to heal the bladder, gallbladder and liver. They are also considered a “cure-all” and have been brewed into tea since the Native American’s in 5000 BC. The silks provide a place for pollen to land, and allows for the pollination of each individual corn kernel.

According to this great blog post, corn silks contain:

  • Vitamin C – an essential nutrient for humans
  • Potassium – necessary for function of all living cells
  • Allantoin – a healing agent
  • Mucilage – helps soothe irritated tissues
  • Saponin – an anti-inflammatory

Here’s how to make this simple healing summer brew:

Bring 2-3 cups of water to a boil and steep the silks of 1 to 2 ears of corn for 5 minutes. Drain and serve warm, or chilled.

Photo courtesy of Alternative Heat

homemade fruit soda

14 Jun

64080481_8decafc3baDoes all of this talk about soda leave you feeling thirsty for something more homemade?  Try making a delicious berry spritzer to enliven your taste buds! Here’s how:


  • 1 cup of berries
  • 4 cups of seltzer
  • 4 slices of lemon
  • 1 sprig of mint


Rinse your berries, place in a bowl or a tall glass, and smash them up with a muddler or mortar and pestle, until there are no more large pieces. Split berries up evenly into 4 glasses, add seltzer water. Mix it up with a spoon so that the berries mingle with the seltzer, then finish it off with a squeeze of lemon and a few mint leaves. Makes 4 delectable drinks.

Curious to know how to brew your own soda, with roots, yeast and all? Check out this link, a fun food experiment for the whole family!

Photo courtesy of dano