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veg sandwich

22 Apr

photo-29When you think brioche rolls, your mind most probably goes straight to a vision of burgers cooking on the grill. Let’s rewind and change that thought in honor of Earth Day.

Brioche rolls with portobellos, bok choy and caramelized onions, that’s sounds much more refreshing, and Earth friendly!

Here’s how:

Serves 1 – Prep time 5 minutes – Total time 15 minutes


  • 1 brioche roll
  • 1 portobello cap, sliced
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • 3-5 leaves of bok choy, chopped
  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil
  • sea salt to taste


1. Prep: Rinse your mushroom then slice it, dice your yellow onion, rinse and chop your bok choy (separate the stems from the leaves, as the stems need longer to cook). Cut your brioche in half, toast if you wish.

2. Cook: In a medium sized pan, heat up olive oil then add onions, stirring for 2-3 minutes. Follow with bok choy stems, stir for 2 minutes. Add in portobellos, sprinkle in a bit of salt then stir for 3 minutes. Finish by adding bok choy leaves, stir everything together for another 3-4 minutes, until portobellos are soft.

3. Assemble: Set out your brioche roll, cut in half. If you like it open faced, keep it open, if not add veggies to the bottom roll, then place top roll on top, cut in half then dig in!

our Earth Day celebration

24 Apr

This past weekend we celebrated Earth Day at the Hilltop Hanover Farm with the Speyer Legacy School and Health Barn USA. We were invited to teach a class on the difference in taste, texture and nutritional values of processed and unprocessed foods, and we had a lot of fun!

We brought in a sample of jarred tomato salsa, and packaged fruit cups, and took a good look at their ingredients. Then we brought in fresh ingredients to make homemade salsa and fresh fruit salad from scratch. We reviewed the nutritional properties of the fresh veggies and fruits we were using, and identified what parts of our bodies they benefit. Our class culminated in a taste test of the two different salsa’s and two different fruit salads. It turned out that half of the children liked the jarred salsa better then the fresh, and we talked about why that might be (because of the added sugar), and all of the children preferred the fresh fruit salad over the packaged one. Since we made such a big batch of both dishes we were able to serve it at the potluck picnic, and the children (and adults) completely devoured it!

To read more about our Earth Day on the farm click here

Massive recycling event in Times Square

18 Apr

presentation_image_great_recycle_times_square.png.492x0_q85_crop-smartStarting bright and early on Monday morning, April 30th from 8am-6pm, Honest Tea will be hosting “The Great Recycle” in the heart of Times Square “as a call-to-action to boost recycling rates, with the ultimate goal to recycle every bottle we produce each year by 2020.” They plan to erect a 30 foot tall recycling bin on 44th street and Broadway, with the goal of collecting up to 45,000 bottles (which roughly equates to the amount of Honest Tea bottles they sell in NYC per day).

They will then repurpose the bottles for use in citywide gardening projects to help support urban farming in our communities. As a reward for those folks who show up, they will give out gifts for every bottle you bring (so start saving them up).  1 bottle = 1 point, and with 100 points you could win a bag from Patagonia or a yoga mat, and with 1,000 points you could win a Citizen Bike or a Taylor guitar!

Photo courtesy of treehuger

Celebrate Earth Day

21 Apr

Earth day IS every day, but once a year, everyone says it together with events, concerts, and gatherings in honor of our Earth and her care. If you are in NYC tomorrow, and are looking for inspiring happenings food related, come to Earth day panel: “Earth to table / Table to Earth.” 

Marion Nestle, Michel Nischan and Karen Karp will speak on a panel, chaired by Mitchell Davis. Come learn what corporations are doing to address sustainability issues, engage in discussion about current trends in food, sustainability, and public health across the board.

The details: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011 (212) 645-0298

If you are going to be near Central Park, stop by Earth Day at the Time Warner Center filled with businesses and organizations sharing their green initiatives. Most people think of toxic chemicals when they think about pest control, but there are alternatives. Assured Environments is a great example of a company with sustainability on their agenda. You can stop by their booth at Time Warner for a free sample of their recently developed “Cimex Rest Assured,” an all-natural bed bug killing spray, which kills on contact and lasts for weeks. If you know anyone who has dealt with bed bugs – you can appreciate this development! Gowanus

If you are in Brooklyn come Saturday, to help raise the Giant Floating Earth Ball at Brooklyn Earth Day Celebration at IKEA Erie Basin Park in Red Hook Brooklyn. All will gather to raise a giant helium Earth Ball 100 feet in the air to symbolize 100% commitment towards mitigating climate change and for the sustainable and ecological restoration of the Canal.

There will be live music, a chance to recycle old batteries, and various environmental recreation stations. It is meant to be a family affair so come on down! There will also be tours of the Traveling Nature & Maritime Museum.

The Traveling NATURE & MARITIME MUSEUM on wheels. a project of the Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy (UDEC)- a 501c3 Not for Profit environmental and cultural organization based in NY; providing quality and innovative public engagement programs in Environmental Literacy and Maritime Cultural Enrichment.www.urbandivers.org.

The details:
One Beard St, Red Hook Brooklyn SATURDAY April 23rd, 11am- 3pm

Wherever you are, make time to take pause. What can you do in your everyday life to support our collective home and environment? Getting outside to stretch our legs and exercise, is a great way to take such pause. It’s also great for our personal healthy spring initiatives.

Truck-Farm on a roll!

25 Feb
Have you heard of King Corn? King Corn is about two best friends -Curt Ellis and Ian Chene, that set out to learn about food and farming in our country by farming conventional corn on one acre of farm land in Iowa. King Corn is the full length feature film that they created to share their story. Today, Curt and Ian have a new project that is taking them across the country. They are building garden beds in the back of pick up trucks. This project Truck Farm is a traveling, tactile, edible farm that teaches kids how fun farming and healthy food can be, engages them in thinking about where food comes from and gets them excited about growing food themselves. Their goal is to get 25 trucks up and running by Earth Day.
They are collaborating with individuals and grassroots organizations all across the country to help make this happen and currently are in need of trucks in various cities of the US. If you have a truck or could refer someone who does, please contact info@truck-farm.com to let them know if you are willing to donate or sell it to us at a lower cost.
To learn more about the project or to see how you could even be involved in some way, please visit www.truck-farm.com.