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someone to eat and drink with

25 Mar

photo-21“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.” – Epicurus

As Passover heads our way, and Easter not so far away let’s take a moment to take in a big deep breathe, clear our heads, and focus on making these celebrations a time to create memories with family and friends, while sharing delicious food and drink.

As Epicurus suggests, let’s embrace the company we keep, removing judgements, preconceived notions, ego and expectations. Let’s sit, talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company first and foremost.

Then let’s all dig in, and delight in the foods that make these holidays so sweet!

Painting eggs to celebrate the rebirth of Spring

5 Apr

With earlier sunrises and later sunsets, our days are longer and filled with light. Spring is a time to refresh, de-clutter, reboot, clean up, go out, overcome, achieve, strengthen, grow, bloom and inspire.

For longer lasting easter eggs try this method out:


1. Place your egg over a bowl and use a pin to poke a hole on opposite ends








2. Blow through the hole and watch the egg drain into your bowl








3. Now it’s time to paint with bright spring colors!








Use your leftover eggs to make a scramble or an omelette and add some fresh herbs to spruce up the start to your spring season!