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Meet Flora + Sautéed asparagus with Poached eggs and Parmesan cheese

25 May
Flora is our School Community Liaison. She runs our Student Food Committees where students who eat Butter Beans lunches have the opportunity to ask questions about how and why we do things, gather information from their peers, offer feedback, and then return back to their peers with information they have just learned.  It has been an empowering experience for the students and we have seen them grow after even just a few meetings.
Flora also leads our Parent Food Committees, where we invite a small group of parents to come have lunch with us. The parents experience lunch firsthand, and learn more about what it’s like to be in the lunch room.  They are also able to engage with our staff, taste our delicious food and get to know Butter Beans from a different vantage point.
Since she was a child, Flora was exposed to growing fresh food in her family’s garden, and with her Italian heritage was surrounded by natural meals cooked in the simplest ways.  One of her fondest memories of Butter Beans was when she taught a cooking class on traditional Ethiopian Injera with chickpea stew.  There was not one crumb left on any of the students plates, and they all had so much fun eating it with their hands!
Flora is going to be sharing recipes a couple of times a month, highlighting our seasonal foods of the month. It’s May, and we are still celebrating asparagus.
For all of you lucky kids and parents who are coming to camp with us this summer, you will get to meet and spend time with Flora as she will be hanging out with us this summer!