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Want to learn how to make paella and horchata from scratch?

20 Apr

5398710559_181478068aJoin us Sautrday, May 19th from 9:30-11:00am for a special cooking event! Butter Beans will be hosting a parent + child (4-12 yrs old) cooking class at Ger-Nis Culinary + Herb Center. We’ll make a Spanish feast of spring vegetable paella with horchata from scratch. Our class costs $45 for a parent + child pair and includes a hands-on cooking experience. Join us for a morning of food, fun, and friends as we cook a delicious and nutritious meal together. From seed to table, parents and children will gain an appreciation for food, learn great cooking techniques and have fun!

To reserve your spot please email elana@butterbeanskitchen.com before Tuesday, May 15th!

Photo courtesy of Louis Bennett

could there be a better after meal treat than mmmm mint tea?

8 Jul

Today marks the end of our first week of camp – and it has been pretty awesome! We’ve had technical issues downloading our pictures, which is why I haven’t posted sooner, so the pictures will have to come separately as later posts.

We started the week with a scavenger hunt for the kids to find their own special stone as they got to know each other and explore the Commons and all the amazing things growing and happening there. Then to the market to find roots, leaves and fun things to eat raw, and prepare our meal. A farmer’s market bounty of food in hand, the kids got a lesson in how to hold and use a knife, while they prepared and we all feasted on karate kale, great garbanzos, delicious potato chips, crazy cool corn, smiley snap peas, surprise salad, mmm mint tea. They really got into naming their food – we are excited to compile a recipe book of all they make this season!

The bean sprouts they started on Tuesday should be ready to eat today, and their flower sprouts are now peeking up out of the soil. Skilled beekeepers came with bee suits in hand to make the children feel safe enough to get close to a hive – bees are amazing. Tasting different seasons of honey was pretty fantastic as well – dark, light and minty – it all depends on the flowers nearby!

Yesterday we got to explore the Brooklyn Grange where we spent some time in the spring. This time of year, the farm is beautifully green and full of every color plant and flower, bees and butterflies abound – we even got to let the chickens loose. The kids went on a scavenger hunt looking for different roots, leaves and fruits, and then harvested their own carrots and salad makings for our picnic. Grass-fed cheddar cheese, carrot-top pesto and green leaves made for splendid sandwiches to go with our beet pink quinoa, purple and green long beans and colorful ultra local salad – we had a feast!

This morning we will make strawberry jam to cover our home-made bread we baked yesterday afternoon, before heading for a tour of Union Square’s farmer’s market. So far, when asked what is their favorite part of their day – I get thoughtful silence, and then cooking, and eating lunch is what follows. This is delightful, meaningful time spent.

If only we could have summer camp all year round..