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Massive recycling event in Times Square

18 Apr

presentation_image_great_recycle_times_square.png.492x0_q85_crop-smartStarting bright and early on Monday morning, April 30th from 8am-6pm, Honest Tea will be hosting “The Great Recycle” in the heart of Times Square “as a call-to-action to boost recycling rates, with the ultimate goal to recycle every bottle we produce each year by 2020.” They plan to erect a 30 foot tall recycling bin on 44th street and Broadway, with the goal of collecting up to 45,000 bottles (which roughly equates to the amount of Honest Tea bottles they sell in NYC per day).

They will then repurpose the bottles for use in citywide gardening projects to help support urban farming in our communities. As a reward for those folks who show up, they will give out gifts for every bottle you bring (so start saving them up).  1 bottle = 1 point, and with 100 points you could win a bag from Patagonia or a yoga mat, and with 1,000 points you could win a Citizen Bike or a Taylor guitar!

Photo courtesy of treehuger