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a wish for the holidays

20 Dec

6737778905_b26dbf7dd0With the holidays coming up, we wanted to wish you all a peaceful, and enriching time with family and friends.

Here is a fun way to share with your loved ones: think of someone who will be at your holiday festivities, and has made an impact on your life. Write them a gratitude letter, then read it to them in person. This exercise will not only set the tone, but will also foster a deeper connection to your loved ones during this time of togetherness.

Take a step back from all of the holiday craziness, and try to remain present and positive when celebrating with family and friends, no matter what they bring to the table.

Happy holidays, see you in 2014!

Photo courtesy of Roger’s Eye

someone to eat and drink with

25 Mar

photo-21“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.” – Epicurus

As Passover heads our way, and Easter not so far away let’s take a moment to take in a big deep breathe, clear our heads, and focus on making these celebrations a time to create memories with family and friends, while sharing delicious food and drink.

As Epicurus suggests, let’s embrace the company we keep, removing judgements, preconceived notions, ego and expectations. Let’s sit, talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company first and foremost.

Then let’s all dig in, and delight in the foods that make these holidays so sweet!

POTATO LATKES – 4 ingredients to goodness

30 Nov

December is upon us, holidays and parties and gatherings are lined up. It doesn’t matter what holidays you celebrate, it only matters that we do, in fact celebrate. The days are shorter, the nights are longer. It is time to pull out our best recipes, our most flavorful mulled spiced drinks, and a good story for the fireplace – or the kitchen table.

Yesterday in cooking class, we made potato latkes. It always amazes me how much kids love potatoes. They feel good in the hands, they feel good in the belly. And grated, mixed with eggs, scallions and salt and dipped in hot oil – makes fantastic latkes.

4 ingredients: potatoes, scallions, eggs and salt. Mixed together and then pressed to get rid of as much water as possible. Canola oil for frying in a saute pan, a spatula and 10 minutes or so and you’re set. (you can of course mix it up adding garlic and other favorite spices)

We served ours up in a traditional fashion with homemade applesauce and sour cream.

We ate them in class, at breakfast and a few even made their way into my daughter’s lunchbox.

Happy December to all.